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I coach founders to build their narrative, develop the people-related part of their business, and maintain their well-being.

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Founders come to me for...

Leadership Coaching

Being a leader can feel lonely. I specialise in coaching founders on developing their leadership strategy. I am a certified coach with the Co-Active Training Institute, the largest leadership development organization in the world. I received my credentials from the International Coaching Federation, and sit on the Forbes Coaching Council, an invitation-only organisation for leading business coaches.

Developing Your Narrative

Building your pitch as an entrepreneur is one of most important things you’ll do, especially at the early stages. It is also one of the most difficult things you'll do. If you want to build a high-growth startup, you will likely need to raise money at some point in your journey. The best entrepreneurs are visionaries, and storytellers. I've helped lots of entrepreneurs craft an investor-ready narrative, and I can help you too. Can't wait? Check out some of my key learnings published in Forbes.

Queen of Icebreakers

I was once dubbed "The Queen of Icebreakers". I know a thing or two about how to build trust across teams. I've run world-class onboarding and team development workshops across the globe.

Talent Advisor

I used to advise Google's leadership on talent, designing assessment rubrics to encourage unbiased decision making. I can help you figure out your talent strategy as you hire and scale your teams.

Find Your Balance

How do you remember to take care of yourself when you are on a rocket ship? How do you set intentional goals to avoid burn-out? Learn how other founders manage their energy, and build a sustainable balance.

Co-Founder Dynamics

Choosing your co-founder is a little like choosing your significant other. It's one of the most important decisions you'll make. Learn what great co-founders do that you should do too.

What People Say About Me

“Josephine is an inspiring leader who has a natural predisposition to nurture people and build highly effective and
cohesive teams, especially when globally distributed. She has an outstanding emotional intelligence, which enables
her to raise the EQ of those around her and the teams she collaborates with."

Founder & Angel Investor

"Joséphine has the incredible superpower of bringing people together towards a collective vision to achieve
incredible outcomes.”

Engineering Leader

"Josephine is awesome. She refocused me on places on our startup I’ve never thought of (or haven’t time or
attention to). I’ve got my tasks after our session and am already implementing it."

Startup Founder

Josephine did an incredible job of immediately creating a safe and relaxed space to dive into really meaningful topics. I’d highly recommend this for all founders.

Startup Founder

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